About Me

Hey, I'm Scott! Nice to meet you! I'm a software engineer by trade and a conscious thinker by nature. I have high ambitions and a thirst for complex challenges; lately I've been interested in distributed, low latency systems, and day trading. I am also addicted to food.

Welcome to my playground! I'm just a normal dude with crazy thoughts, and I want to share them with you. The website is broken down into articles about technology and articles about philosophy/life/anything I feel like writing about.

I like to dabble in the existential questions, the ones you think about late at night. Look around, you might find what you are looking for. Maybe I will too!

I'm also currently posting and building my substack (where you can comment on posts) which you can find at substack.com/@scotttran.

Contact Me

Like or don't like what you read? Comments or suggestions? Business opportunities? I'd love to hear anything and everything! I'm always looking for new opportunities.

Email: blog@scotttran.com or substack@scotttran.com